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About St. Alphonsus Parish


St. Alphonsus Church is a deeply rooted community dating back to the 1840's when emigrants from Munster, Germany settled in the area and named it New Munster. Today, St. Alphonsus Church is a vibrant faith community that is known for its family appeal. All are welcome here, which is evident in the growth the Church has experienced over the last several years. Today, over 500 families are registered in the Parish and the number continues to grow as the Wheatland area experiences continued growth.

Pastoral Staff

Administrator/Pastor:    Father Terry Langley, SCJ
Trustees: Joanne Ross, Mark Kashik
Parish Council Chairperson: Sonja Bigley
Director of Admin. Services: Pat Vos
Director of Lifelong Faith Formation:  Jan McRae
Parish Secretary / Bulletin Editor: Nan Beaudry    rectory@st-alphonsus.com


St. Alphonsus School is a small, rural, elementary school, which consist of grades preK-8. We have a very long history of being a successful institution for the education of the young children in the area, and are always striving to make improvements.

Our curriculum consists of all the basic classes offered at the public schools, mathematics, english, reading, science, social studies, separate phonics and spelling classes, as well as religion, gym, music, computer and spanish classes throughout the week.

Along with daily religious instruction, the students attend mass every Friday morning as well as every other Wednesday and on holy days of obligation. The students are very involved in the planning of mass, and participate in various ministries at mass.

In addition to the excellent academic program, St. Alphonsus offers a sports program for the students in Grades 5-8. Boys and girls may participate in softball, volleyball, basketball, track and cheerleading.

We appreciate and encourage parental involvement, many family oriented activities such as tobogganing, roller-skating and baseball games are planned throughout the year which include students parents and siblings. Many fundraisers are also held throughout the school year, which involve both student and parent.

With all that is available to our students our mission remains to provide experience and understanding in a Catholic environment to enable students to develop personally, physically, morally, spiritually, socially and intellectually. Our goal is that students may build upon faith, hope and love to become successful individuals in society.

School Staff

Principal: Greg Young

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